Universal JavaScript Framework


HTML Editing In General

Overview of existing WYSIWYG editors

Here is an overview table:

Editor License Pro/Con
YUI RTE BSD Pro: works with all well-known browsers ( IE / Gecko / Opera / Safari / Konquerer ); Con: Still in Beta (although the final release version should be out soon).
Xinha HTMLArea (BSD based)  
RTE Creative Commons  
RTEF MIT Pro: works with all well-known browsers ( IE / Gecko / Opera / Safari / Konquerer ); Con: no user-feedback e.g. which font or size is currently used.
WYMEditor MIT/GPL Pro: produces XHTML, uses CSS; Con: currently only available for IE and Gecko.
dojo BSD  
Solmetra GPL  
FreeRTE Creative Commons  
CMSimple AGPL  
XStandard lite Freeware  
Loki GPL  

Browser-specific overview of "execCommand"

command Mozilla IE Opera Safari
Bold x x x x
Italic x x x x
Underline x x x x
Strikethrough x x x x
BackColor x x x x
ForeColor x x x x
HiliteColor x     x
Font Handling        
FontName x x x x
FontSize x x x x
IncreaseFontSize x   x  
DecreaseFontSize x   x  
Subscript x x x x
Superscript x x x x
Formatting and CSS        
ContentReadOnly x   x  
StyleWidthCSS x      
UseCSS x   x  
RemoveFormat x x x x
User actions        
Copy x x   x
Paste x x   x
Cut x x x x
Delete x x x x
Undo   x x x
Redo   x x x
Print   x   x
SaveAs   x    
JustifyLeft x x x x
JustifyCenter x x x x
JustifyRight x x x x
JustifyFull x   x x
Indent x x   x
Outdent x x   x
CreateLink x x x x
Unlink x x x x
InsertOrderedList x x x x
InsertUnorderedList x x x x
Basic (formatting) elements        
FormatBlock x x x x
Heading x      
InsertParagraph x x x x
InsertImage x x x x
InsertButton   x    
InsertFieldset   x    
InsertHorizontalRule   x x x
InsertHTML x   x x
InsertIFrame   x    
Form elements        
InsertInputButton   x    
InsertInputCheckbox   x    
InsertInputFileUpload   x    
InsertInputHidden   x    
InsertInputImage   x    
InsertInputPassword   x    
InsertInputRadio   x    
InsertInputReset   x    
InsertInputSubmit   x    
InsertInputText   x    
InsertSelectDropdown   x    
InsertSelectListbox   x    
InsertTextArea   x    
InsertMarquee   x    
CreateBookmark   x    
UnBookmark   x    
Selection and status handling        
SelectAll x x x x
Unselect   x x x
MultipleSelection   x    
Overwrite   x    
Refresh   x    
2D-Position   x    
AbsolutePosition   x    
LiveResize   x    
gethtml x      
contentReadOnly x      
insertBrOnReturn x      
enableObjectResizing x      
enableInlineTableEditing x