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Text align

The text align of a selction can be modified using the following exec commands: JustifyLeft, JustifyCenter, JustifyRight and JustifyFull.


  • IE: Text align is applied on the paragraph which contains the selection.
  • Gecko and Opera: Text align is applied on selection only. The selection gets surrounded by a <div> tag containing a text-align style attribute.
  • Webkit: Applies text-align style attribute on every <div> element that is (partly) selected.


  • If <br> tags are used for line breaks, the textalign will be applied on the <p> tag in IE, even if only a part of this <p> has been selected!
  • If <p> tags are used for line breaks, all style settings set will be "lost" after entering an other <p> tag in FF. It is necessary to "save" these settings manually and apply them on the new paragraph.

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