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The window widget is similar to Windows’ MDI child windows.

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  • Title support text and/or icon
  • Support modal window
  • Status bar support
  • Minimize and maximize a window
  • Open and close a window
  • Resize a window


The window widget can be used to show dialogs or to realize a MDI (Multiple Document Interface) Application.

The widgets implements all known metaphors from a window:

  • minimize
  • maximize
  • open
  • close
  • and so on

The package qx.ui.window contains two other classes that can be used to create a MDI Application:

  • The Desktop can act as container for windows. It can be used to define a clipping region for internal windows.
  • The Manager handle the z-order and modality blocking of windows managed the connected desktop.


Here is a link to the API of the Widget:

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