API Viewer


The API Viewer displays class API reference for one or more libraries. The tree view pane offers the typical class hierarchy, organized by name spaces. Each package (intermediate name space) has an overview description and links to the sub-packages or classes it contains. Descriptions usually contain cross links to relevant packages or classes. The entire reference is searchable through the search tab.

The actual API descriptions are generated from JSDoc-style comments in the class code, and can be generated for custom applications as well, so you can browse the API of your own classes.

Class Item Toggles

The visibility of various class items can be toggled using the buttons on the right hand side of the tool bar:

Linking Source Files

The API Viewer can show links to the source code, typically provided by the web interface of a source code management system, for classes, methods and static functions. To add these links for your own libraries, define the key info/sourceViewUri in Manifest.json, e.g.:

"info" :
  "name" : "Custom Application",
  "version" : "trunk",
  "qooxdoo-versions": ["trunk"],
  "sourceViewUri" : "https://github.com/someuser/custom/blob/master/source/class/%{classFilePath}#L%{lineNumber}"

The following placeholders are supported:

  • %{classFilePath} will be replaced with the fully qualified name of the class converted to a file path, e.g. custom.model.OrderData would become custom/model/OrderData.js
  • %{lineNumber} will be replaced by the line number where an item (member or static method) is defined in the original source file.

API Doc Verification

The Generator checks API documentation for completeness while building the API Viewer. Errors, such as members with missing doc comments or undocumented parameters will be displayed in the GUI: Affected name spaces and classes will have an exclamation mark on their icon in the tree view, while the detail view will display an error message for the affected class item.