qx.Server Requirements

qooxdoo qx.Server is a basic component that runs in many different contexts and environments, as it has very little dependencies to the underlying runtime. For use in command-line tools and programs you will need a corresponding JavaScript interpreter like Node.js or Mozilla Rhino. For use in HTML5 Web Workers you will need a browser that supports this technology.


The following runtimes are supported:


These are the options to get qooxdoo qx.Server.

Manual download

Download the qx.Server component from qooxdoo's download page and place it in a suitable path on your machine. Optimized and non-optimized versions are available.


If you are using Node.js, there is an alternative installation using npm, the Node package manager. If you have this installed, issue on your system shell:

$ npm install qooxdoo

This will install the qooxdoo package into your current folder from where you can include it easily into your applications.

In both cases, to verify the installation use your runtime's loading primitive to include it in a program, e.g. for Node:

var qx = require('qooxdoo')


You can also use the SDK to work with qx.Server. It provides a dedicated skeleton which you can utilize. This offers you additional features like dependency detection, optimization, API doc generation, unit testing and generated loaders that work under both Node.js and Rhino. As with all types of qooxdoo skeletons, create-application.py is used to create a new custom application:

$ qooxdoo-5.0.2-sdk/tool/bin/create-application.py --name=myapp --type=basic