qx.Website Requirements

Here are the requirements for developing and deploying with qooxdoo qx.Website. You will usually include the qx.Website library on an HTML page and then write code that utilizes its API.


Code written against the qx.Website API will run in all major web browsers, particularly:

../../_images/logo_ie_24x24.png Internet Explorer 8+
../../_images/logo_firefox_24x24.png Firefox 3.5+
../../_images/logo_opera_24x24.png Opera 15+
../../_images/logo_safari_24x24.png Safari 6+
../../_images/logo_chrome_24x24.png Chrome

qx.Website widgets are currently experimental and will not work in all browsers.

Installation and Setup

Download the qx.Website component from qooxdoo's download page and place it in a suitable URI reachable from your development environment. Then include this URI with a <script> tag in the HTML page that you are developing.

  <script src="<uri_of_qx.Website_download>"></script>

That's it, you are ready to start working against the qx.Website API.