The progress bar is an indicator widget.

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The Progress bar is designed to simply display the current % complete for a process. It fires 2 events. When the % changes or when the process is complete.

The Value is limited between 0 and Maximum value. It's not allowed to set a Maximum value of 0. If you set a Maximum value bigger than 0, but smaller than Value, it will be limited to Value.

Here's an example. We create a default progress bar (value is 0, and the maximum value is 100). We then listen to change event and complete event. The change event is fired every time the % complete is changed, so we can see the new value. If the process is 100% complete the complete event is fired.

var pb = new qx.ui.indicator.ProgressBar();
this.getRoot().add(pb, { left : 20, top: 20});

pb.addListener("change", function(e) {
  this.debug(e.getData()); // % complete
  this.debug(pb.getValue()); // absolute value

pb.addListener("complete", function(e) {

//set a value


Here are some links that demonstrate the usage of the widget:


Here is a link to the API of the widget: