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Generator Config MacrosΒΆ

This page lists the macros which are pre-defined in qooxdoo, and can (mostly) be overridden in custom configuration files. (Others, like PYTHON_CMD or QOOXDOO_VERSION, you would only want to reference, but not set).

Macro name Description Default value
API_EXCLUDE list of class pattern to exclude from the api documentation []
API_INCLUDE list of class pattern to include in the api documentation ["qx.*", "${APPLICATION}.*"]
APPLICATION application name space <undef>
APPLICATION_MAIN_CLASS application main class ${APPLICATION}.Application
BUILD_PATH output path for the "build" job (can be rel. to config dir) ./build
CACHE path to the compile cache (can be rel. to config dir) ${TMPDIR}/cache
CACHE_KEY takes the value of a complete cache configuration key (i.e. a map) { "compile" : "${CACHE}", "downloads" : "${CACHE}/downloads", "invalidate-on-tool-change" : true }
GENERATOR_OPTS (experimental) (read-only) string with the command line options the generator was invoked with (e.g. "-c myconf.json -q") <undef>
HOME (read-only) value of the (process) environment variable "HOME" "." (for safety reasons)
LOCALES list of locales for this application [ "en" ]
OPTIMIZE list of optimization options for build version ["basecalls", "comments", "privates", "strings", "variables", "variants"]
QOOXDOO_PATH path to the qooxdoo installation root dir <undef>
QOOXDOO_VERSION the current qooxdoo version 1.6.1
QOOXDOO_REVISION (read-only) the current qooxdoo repository revision (only defined in a repository checkout)
QXICONTHEME icon theme to use for this application ["Tango"]
QXTHEME theme to use for this application "qx.theme.Modern"
PYTHON_CMD (read-only) Python executable (your system's default Python executable)
ROOT application root dir (rel. to config dir) "."
SIMULATION_INCLUDE class pattern to search for GUI test classes "${APPLICATION}.simulation.*"
SIMULATOR_CLASSPATH Java classpath argument for GUI test runner "${SIMULATOR_ROOT}/tool/js.jar: ${SIMULATOR_ROOT}/tool/selenium-java-client-driver.jar"
SIMULATOR_ROOT path to the framework's simulator component "${QOOXDOO_PATH}/ component/ simulator"
TEST_INCLUDE class pattern to search for unit test classes "${APPLICATION}.test.*"
TEST_EXCLUDE class pattern to exclude unit test classes "${APPLICATION}.test.oldtests.*"
TESTS_SCRIPT script file name for the test application (the "AUT") "tests.js"
TMPDIR (read-only) path to tmp directory (platform-dependent, like /tmp etc.; run generate.py info to find out)
USERNAME (read-only) value of the (process) environment variable "USERNAME" <undef>

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