Deploy your qx.Mobile application

You developed a great qx.Mobile application, and want to use or test it on your mobile device.

For this purpose, we propose using Apache Cordova.

It gives you the possibility to deploy native applications, that run the qooxdoo mobile JavaScript code in an wrapped native browser directly on your mobile device. Mobile applications, created with "Apache Cordova", can be published to the various App Stores and Marketplaces. A free distribution of Cordova is also available, it is called "PhoneGap".

On the Cordova website you find detailed tutorials which describe the deployment on different mobile platforms:

Cordova Getting Started Tutorial

Configure Cordova for deploying your qx.Mobile application

After you installed cordova, and followed the introductions of Cordova Getting Started Tutorial, you are able to deploy your qx.Mobile application on your mobile device.

Follow these steps:

  1. Build your application with build.
  2. Duplicate content of your qx.Mobile build folder, into Cordova deploy folder assets/www including the index.html.
  3. Paste the following line in head part of assets/www/index.html:
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="cordova-1.6.0.js"></script>
  1. Cross-check the version of the "cordova.js" in script tag, against the version you use.

That should do the trick. Now Cordova can deploy your qx.Mobile application on the connected Mobile Device. For executing the deployment, have a look on Cordova Getting Started Tutorial.

Update application on your mobile device

If you want to update your qx.Mobile application, you just have to copy the folders resource and script into Cordova's deploy folder assets/www/. An update of the assets/www/index.html is not necessary.