qx.Mobile Requirements

qooxdoo qx.Mobile runs on iOS 2.0+, Android 1.6+ and Windows Mobile devices. Working with qx.Mobile requires access to such a mobile device, with a suitable mobile browser, or a mobile emulator for the respective platform that runs on your desktop PC.


Working with qx.Mobile requires downloading and using qooxdoo's SDK. See here for the SDK's requirements, and follow its Installation and Setup section. This requirement applies to the development phase only, the final app is independent of the SDK.

Mobile Browsers

The following mobile browsers are supported:

../../_images/logo_safari_24x24.png Safari Mobile
../../_images/logo_chrome_24x24.png Chrome for Android
../../_images/logo_android_24x24.png Android Native Browser
../../_images/logo_ie_24x24.png Internet Explorer 10 (Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Windows 8)

Other mobile browsers like Opera Mini might work, but are not officially supported.

Desktop Browsers

As qooxdoo is based on web technologies, you will need a running instance of a browser (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) on your system to run and test the application. An iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 device is not necessarily required.

The following desktop browsers are supported:

../../_images/logo_safari_24x24.png Apple Safari 5+
../../_images/logo_chrome_24x24.png Google Chrome 10+
../../_images/logo_firefox_24x24.png Mozilla Firefox 10+
../../_images/logo_ie_24x24.png Internet Explorer 10