Getting Started with qooxdoo qx.Mobile

Working with qx.Mobile requires downloading and using qooxdoo's SDK. See here for the SDK's requirements, and follow its Installation and Setup section. This requirement applies to the development phase only, the final app is independent of the SDK.

The first step is to create a mobile skeleton, by calling the script from the command line. Navigate to the qooxdoo folder and execute the following command:

./tool/bin/ --type=mobile --name=helloworld --out=..

A new folder "helloworld" will be created next to the qooxdoo folder, containing the mobile skeleton application. Right now the application is pretty useless, until we create the source version of it. Navigate to the created folder and call the qooxdoo generator with the following command:

./ source

After a few seconds the generator has analyzed all class dependencies and created a source version of the application. You can test the application by opening the source/index.html file in your Chrome / Safari browser. You should see a page "Page 1" with a button "Next Page". When you tap on the button, the next page "Page 2", with a "Back" button in the upper left corner, is displayed.

Congratulations, you have just created your first qooxdoo mobile application!

Now it is your turn. Just open source/class/helloworld/Application.js and enhance your cross-platform mobile application.

If you need a more detailed tutorial, please have a look at our mobiletweets tutorial:

qx.Mobile Tweets Client Tutorial