SDK Structure

When exploring the SDK tree, the following overview will give you an idea about the file structure of qooxdoo:

readme.txt - a quick information

license.txt - qooxdoo's license information

index.html - an overview over and access to most of the SDK's applications. Mind that in order to use them, you might need to run a build in their respective directories first.


  • sample and demo applications and interactive tools (for end users) in their respective subfolders, like demobrowser, feedreader or playground


documentation/ - documentation files

  • manual - the user manual

framework/ - qooxdoo's class library

  • source
    • class - JavaScript classes
    • resource
      • qx - resources need to be namespaced, here it is qx
        • decoration - images for the decorations, Modern and Classic
        • icon - icon themes that come with qooxdoo, Oxygen and Tango
        • static - other common resources like blank.gif
      • source - contains original resources
    • translation - language-specific data as po files

tool/ - tool chain of the framework

  • bin - executable scripts are located here, most importantly
  • data - lots of data to be used by different tools, e.g. for localization, migration, etc.
  • pylib - Python modules used by the tool chain