qooxdoo's tool chain comes with the SDK and comprises tools that help you create and maintain your JavaScript applications. They fall into two broad categories:

  • command-line tools
  • browser-based tools

Command-line tools are tools that run on your operating system's command shell, like bash for MacOSX and Linux, or cmd or PowerShell for Microsoft Windows. They generally require a Python installation on your system. Two important examples of this category are, sort of an application wizard which you use to create a new application, and which you use during your development activities (and referred to as the "generator"), e.g. to build a running application from your source code.

Browser-based tools run in a web browser. Among them are the Apiviewer, which provides an interactive API reference, and the Testrunner, which allows running your unit test in a GUI.

As the browser-based applications are mostly described elsewhere, this section deals mainly with the command-line tools. It also provides a general introduction into the qooxdoo SDK and its structure.

Application Wizard


Other Tools

Some of the tools that come with the SDK are described elsewhere in this manual. Here are some pointers: